Winks Wax training is dedicated to equipping individuals with expert waxing skills, nurturing confidence, and fostering success in their beauty careers.

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Hey there, gorgeous souls! I'm Sheena Winkleman

Your go-to Brow Artist extraordinaire and the proud leader of the fabulous Wink Babes. At DareToBeBare Waxing Studio, where beauty meets boldness, we've been crafting brows and spreading joy since 2011, fueled by our one-of-a-kind Winks Wax.

Embarking on a journey of rebranding in 2016, we emerged as the glam powerhouse Brow By Wink! As a Master Trainer in Waxing and Microblading, I bring the heat to the waxing scene with degrees from Florida Christian College and the Florida College of Natural Health.

Hailing from the enchanting Windermere, FL, my travels around the globe add that extra touch of magic to my role as a Master Trainer. Married to my high school sweetheart, I've made it my mission to weave passion and genuine care into every waxing session, whether near or far.

And I'm Kira Trimbee

I share a profound passion for beauty and business with my dear friend Sheena. With a robust background in business management, I've honed my skills over many years across various professional settings.

Looking ahead, we aim to expand our waxing industry expertise further. We are eager to enhance our knowledge and skills in this field and support and mentor aspiring professionals. Through education and empowerment, we hope to contribute to the growth and success of the beauty industry.

Join us on this journey of empowerment and discovery in the waxing industry. Together, let's inspire and uplift everyone to reach new heights of success and confidence.  

Why Choose Winks Wax?

Our wax is a strip-less elastic formula derived from pine, making it vegetal. It is designed to be versatile, serving as one wax for the entire body and suitable for all hair and skin types.
Expertly Crafted Curriculum
Hands-On Experience
Quality Kit
Versatility in Waxing Techniques
Comprehensive Support
Business Insights
Sing up for
our training
Course Highlights:
  • Body Positioning
  • Proper Sanitation
  • Speed Techniques
  • Pre & Post Products
  • Consent Forms
Cost Includes:
  • Waxing Kit
  • Wax Warmer
  • Elastic Wax
  • Waxing Sticks
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Live Model
  • Manual
  • Branding & Marketing Insights*
  • *Membership available for ongoing Training & Tips

What to expect

What to Anticipate in Waxing Training:
  • Maximum of 12 students per class
  • Implementation of waxing sanitation protocols
  • Brazilian waxing on diverse clients and hair types using hard wax
  • Insight into the experience of getting a Brazilian wax
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive waxing kit with my preferred products (optional)
  • Grasping the techniques essential for successful Brazilian waxing and understanding FAQs
  • Tips on leveraging social media
  • Certification of completion and more
  • The certification signifies course completion, not legal authorization to perform waxing in FL. A valid license as an esthetician or cosmetologist is required for legal waxing services.
Upon Course Completion
Master the art of performing Winks Wax on diverse clients within 30 minutes.

Engage in hands-on practice with multiple models and comprehensively understand waxing theory and techniques.
  • Already licensed esthetician.
  • Currently in cosmetology school.
  • Present a valid present license.
  • Be ready to undergo waxing and perform waxing on models.
  • Ideal for beginners or intermediate wax specialists and students.
Price: $599.99 (with kit)
1) Non-refundable $200 deposit to reserve space.

2) The remaining balance is due in Debit, Credit, or Cash on the first day of class.

3) Student Application Form.
Day 1
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Welcome / Intros
  • Explore Kit
  • Body positioning
  • Wax application/consistency
  • Wax technique
  • Brazilian/Body types of hair
Day 2
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Welcome (Brief recap)
  • Waxing sanitation
  • Speed-applications
  • Pressure technique for no pain
  • Thin applications
  • Question & Answers

Enter the waiting list

If you have any questions about my waxing course, please email me. Only submit the form below if you are prepared to commit fully or ready to send the deposit. Commitment and deposits are a must for those eager to shine with Winks Wax!
Next starting dates: April 23rd through April 24th May 23rd through May 24th June 23rd through June 24th